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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 14, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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heart ra is going to lead to anxiety. the first one in the list could be your mother-in-law. and that's a joke. i wanted to say actually i love my mother-in-law. it was her birthday yesterday. maybe just say hello to her. but things such as coffee, and maybe the thyroid and other things can increase your heart rate and cause anxiety. >> if you didn't get the answer to your hang diety issue,, all you have to do is join the live check. doctors will stick around and they will be at our page answering your questions. judeky, thanks again. >> have a great week. >> have a great week. >> we start a new hour with the fox alert this morning. president obama and gov. mitt romney now preparing for the next debate. it's only 72 hours away. america will be watching. both men off the campaign trail as they prep for the big event. the stakes for this face-to-face match-up are huge. what will happen? will it be a repeat of the first bout? will president obama come
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roaring back or gov. romney ten his new momentum? good morning, everyone. i'm eric, and welcome. >> i'm jamey. great to be with you. one thing i know for sure, everyone is watching. president obama is expected to rebound from a widely criticized first performance and gov. romney is hoping for another strong showing. ed henry is live in williamsburg, virginia. how are they doing on prep, ed? >> well, jamey, they are hunkered down here in williamsburg. beautiful weather. it's a battleground state so the president gets a chance to be here, get in the local market, maybe help turn out the vote. he's at the kings mill resort near clone natural williamsburg, a very beautiful place. he's trying to figure out how to step things up. he's under a lot of pressure for not really showing up the first debate, not showing the passion his supporters believe he could bring to the debate. the kind of passion president obama biden brought against paul
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ryan on thursday night. there's a lot at stake. you see gov. romney surging in a lot of these key battleground weather virginia or ohio. they know the president has to come up big. and david actionling rod is suggesting the president may take a more aggressive tone tuesday night. take a listen. >> i think he's going to be aggressive in making the case for his view of where we should go as a country and a country that's built around a growing, thriving middle class, not the top-down theory that gov. romney has. >> but when you talk to top democrats, they know the president has to be careful and not necessarily be too aggressive like we saw vice president biden on thursday night because it will be a town hall format with undecided voters. it could backfire if you are too negative. there's a balancing act. meanwhile on the republican side, las you see is gov. romney has been surging in key battle ground, he was in ohio yesterday with rob portman, campaigning
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there. and pressroom had nor debate prep yesterday morning before holding several rallies throughout the state of ohio. one of his top advisors, ed gillespie said the president can get more aggressive, he can change his style, but he can't change his record. take a look. >> the president can change his style, he can change his tactics but he can't change his record, he can't change his polls. the fact the drop in household income has occurred under his watch we have a stagnate economy. >> so here we are with essentially a 50-50 race, pretty close to that right now. we've seen it go back and forth for so long and the reason why tuesday is so critical is that after that you've just got one more debate at the end of october that sets two weeks before election date. so both candidates running out of time to short of shake up the narrative, jamey. >> a lot of folks said during that early voting as they are watching even. great setup for tuesday.
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thank you. >> great to see you. >> and you won't want to miss tuesday's big debate. tune in to fox news channel 8:55:00 p.m. be in place 8:55 eastern only on fox. check it out. >> and we have another fox news alert for you this morning. there is new reaction from president obama's campaign to the continued questions over the white house handling of that deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. this is the mother of one of the americans who was murdered that day. she's been forcefully speaking out. we are live with the latest in washington. >> yeah, the mother of sean smith, a state department information officer killed in the benghazi attack tells fox news she got practically no information out of the obama administration about how her son died until just a few days ago. listen. >> i asked every one of them, and leon, like i mentioned before, leon panetta took his
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hands on my face and said trust me, i will tell you the truth. i will get the right information to you. just trust me. and when i heard that, i knew i couldn't trust him. and i don't trust any of them anymore. they lied. >> in the meantime the administration continues to take heat over it's handling of the attack. they said it was a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim film and then said it was an anti-terrorist attack. vice president said last week the white house wasn't told of a request for more security in benghazi. >> when vice president biden said in the debate wednesday night we weren't told that they wanted more security there in libya, he directly contradicted the sworn testimony of the regional security director for the state department. >> today the obama campaign robert gibbs asked if the president is responsible for what many are calling a bungled response. >> the administration is
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responsible. the country that provides us consulates and admissions are responsible for keeping those people safe and secure, and an investigation is what the president and the secretary of state have asked for so that we can understand directly all the things that happen and to take steps necessary to keep anybody that serves our country overseas save from harm. >> so benghazi clearly still a hot campaign issue just weeks before the election, eric. >> there will be a senate investigation now. thanks so much. >> that is true, eric. in fact, that's one of the things about the investigation into the libya attack on 911. the senate is planning an independent, and they want it to be a bipartisan inquiry after a contentious hearing by a house oversight committee this past week. joining me is republican congress peter king of new york. he is the chairman of the house homeland security committee. welcome, you also sit on the
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house intelligence committee. >> thank you. good to be here. >> great to have you here. there is still a lot of people that want to know what the administration knew that night of the attack. were they watching in realtime? >> the state department was. that was the testimony during the week. the state department knew what was happening. they were getting direct reports in realtime from the consulate, from benghazi. and because of that, they had it know there was no demonstration. so when the president says that the intelligence community told him that this was all a demonstration and it was spontaneous, arising out of the video, if he had just spoken to his own secretary of state. >> you are saying hillary clinton knew that night that it was a terror attack? >> i would have to assume. i have a great regard for hillary clinton, but when something this important happens and the state department was directly involved on the ground you would think the state department officials would talk to the people there and say what did you see, what did you hear, how large as the demonstration, was there a demonstration, when did it get out of control and
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then they would have found out there was no demonstration. >> can we clear you have also whether or not there were requests? pause at that house hearing it seemed pretty clear even the ambassador who was slaughtered that night was in fact make a request for additional security? why is it that vice president joe biden at the vice presidential debate said flat think there were never any requests for more security? >> i think it was one more example of his erratic behavior that night to say whatever he had to say to cover up the issue. there was sworn testimony from the regional security officer saying more security was asked for and it was turned down. we have the military colonel who said they kneed more security there. for him to say there were no requests is absolutely wrong. why they continue the coverup, it adds to -- >> you think it's coverup. >> i think it was a spin and now they are caught up in their own spin and don't know how to get
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out of it. there's always enough facts and figures you can go back and forth in a debate and try to make a days. if you are talking about the death of americans, this is beyond spin. it should be the facts, and what they should have said the first day, we aren't sure exactly what it was, but we know there was a heavy terrorist presence. we know there were terrorist threats and we may not have had enough security there. we are going to see what happens. but rather than say that they deny there was any terrorist involvement. they say it was all because of this video and they never mentioned there was inadequate security. >> why does it matter? >> it matters first of all for the memory of those who lost their lives. americans representing us overseas were killed because of this. and second if goes again the president's narrative. it shows al-qaeda is still active in north africa and the middle east and we can't just turn to the pacific. we have a continuing threat from al-qaeda and its affiliates in the middle east. and we have to look at security at all of our consul last couple and embassies in that part of the word. there's a lot we don't know. if they are still denying there
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was request for security in benghazi or libya, god knows what they are doing with other consulates around the world. >> because vice president was blaming the republicans for providing funding for the extra security. true or false? >> false. the they said it was for budget reasons, it was security reasons they turd it down and a judgment call and nothing to do with the budget. >> if you are concerned about national security whether or not i can many of us are after an experience like 9/11 and it happened on 9/11, the most important committees, homeland security and intelligence, are you being provided? because now the senate call is for a bipartisan investigation. are you convinced you will have access, for example, to the information that night of the attack on the libyan consulate? did you get that information as a republican? >> no. mike rogers, the chairman of the intelligence committee, is doing a great job from the start. he was one of the first to say this had all the appearances, all the earmarks of a terrorist
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attack. so far we have not gotten very much information at all. now i'll have to check with chairman rogers. i check in almost every day with the intelligence committee and check with the national counterterrorism center. >> overall as a republican on the homeland committee, you are chairman, do you believe they have provided but the information? because taxpayers are paying for that. you are you getting the information you need to truly keep us save? >> i don't think anybody else. i think they are performing a real service of having a hearing this week. it had to be an aggressive hearing to shake loose the administration. until darrell issa announced this hearing, the state department told us nothing. and suddenly the night before, because you weren't invited because you were from fox, but all the other media outlets were given the whole story and it was different than what they were saying the last two or three weeks. >> that's interesting alone but i'll leave it alone. in terms of the future, i wonder how we can protect our people at our embassies?
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do you think if gov. romney were president, he would do anything different? >> i think gov. romney, i know else do whatever he had to do to protect americans at these outposts and some of them are really outposts. gov. romney has put national security, homeland security and protection of american lives first. we can't be worried about offending people feelings. i hear gibbs on television saying it was the president's responsibility burke it was also the libyans. are we going to say we are going to outsource the protection of americans, to unarmed libyan security guards? great, if they can backfill and fill in, fine, but the main responsibility is always with the united states. >> are these inside attacks in afghanistan killing our own troops an indication of what could happen if al-qaeda continues to be able to invade our interests overseas? >> i'm very concerned. i just lost lost con stage wentn one of these green on through attack. i believe as the president is pulling out troops too fast.
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we are getting people in the afghan army and the afghan police who have not been thoroughly vetted because in the rush to fill in the numbers the president and vice president want to say there are as many troops on the ground as before. we have these new afghan troops. too many ever those afghan troops coming in have not been sufficiently vetted, backgrounds have not been screened and that's why they are killing americans. >> and locally security force necessary many of these countries that have hate for america are the ones that are in charge of our security were. we don't want to lose any more americans. >> i'll do everything i can. >> always a privilege. thank you so much. >> eric, thank you. >> thank you for coming in. >> the congressman just mentioned lance cpl. buckley, one of his constituents in long island. another one of our brave young men and women who have lost their lives in that so-called green-on-blue attacks. that's where afghan military police or terrorists dressed like them have suddenly turn their guns on us. on u.s. and nato advisers.
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oliver north is in afghanistan now to tell us how to deal with the continuing problem and how the troops there are doing. good morning, colonel. >> good morning, eric. i'm pleased to be with you, particularly given what we just heard from congressman king. look, nato commanders have said that recent green-on-blue attacks are not going to drive a wedge between u.s. and afghan troops. so before coming here to this province we went on patrol with an afghan special police unit. here's what we saw in a place that used to be a free fire zone. >> here at camp adams in wardak province the afghan special police are being mentored by u.s. and nato special operations troops. [gunfire] >> captain, what's the mission of this patrol? >> we are going to conduct a small patrol.
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>> do you trust these guys? >> i trust them enough to risk my life. >> when we were first in this city six years ago, this wasn't a bazaar, it was a combat zone. today you are more likely to get one over by a truck, car or motorcycle than to get hit by an iud and that's thanks to the special security force and the local police they have trained and mentored. >> are you worried about the again on blue stuff you keep hearing about? >> no, sir. we have a very good relationship with the commander. we train and live and work with these guys everyday. i'm willing to go out on the wire with them and willing to come to their camp. >> eric, we are now at ford operating service. the task force here and task at hand has been made nor difficult and dangerous by all of those date-certain and extra-strategy
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talks coming out of washington. but the troops here, like captain adam standing beside me, have made a profound difference in the security situation here in helman and particularly in this district. captain, you just heard what was being said about blue on green. or green on blue, right? attacks by afghans against americans. you and i were out today walking around and all you had was a sidearm and no armor on and i was standing right next to you. were you worried? >> no, i wasn't. >> and that's because -- >> where we were at was within the district headquarters, which was secured by the afghan security forces, specifically the police. we have a very good standing relationship with the police. and certain things like that help to mitigate that threat of the green on blue attacks we have seen. >> now, i want you to know that i'm pro flipped impressed at what you have done in six months. this is not the seam one you arrived at. >> absolutely not. >> and that's because -- >> really the reason for that is
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because the afghan security forces, specifically the police and the army, are working with each other and they work with us, but more importantly they work with the government of afghanistan and others to make sure they are providing security for their own country. >> anybody you want to say hello to. >> i would like to say hello to my beautiful wife, samantha and by children. love you all and look forward to seeing you soon. that's the situation on the ground right now, eric. back to you in new york. >> colonel, our hats off and great respect and please give the captain and all the guys and gals there with you our tremendous respect and feelings. thank you so much. >> are you out of work? well, the holiday season is fast approaching, and that may mean good news for you because stores are hiring a lot of seasonal workers. coming up in our take charge consumer protection segment, i'm going to tell you how to nab one of those jobs and maybe turn temporary into permanent employment. >> and we will have a live look. just take a look.
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that's the room of the balloon, as we await this record-breaking skydive. have you heard about this one? he's going to go up 23 miles up there in the. we are going to see if the weather breaks and they are going to conduct the jump this weekend. >> it has to be a slow week if this is what he's willing to do. a few weeks until the election. how will the libya terror attacks will affect it. a fair and balanced peek ahead come up. >> as the intelligence really changed the view we made it clear they changed their view. that's why i said we will get to the bottom of this. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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>> welcome back, everybody. we are not quite in the holiday season, but it really pays to plan ahead because it could mean part-time jobs. in today's take charge consumer protection segment, how do you get one and how do you turn a temporary holiday position into a gig that will last all year? dr. michael woodward is a career coach, organizational psychologist, and author of the
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new book the you-plan, a five step guide to taking charge of your career in the new economy. boy, is it knew? good to see you, dr. woodward. >> good to be here. >> let me ask you first about how you go about setting yourself up to be different than the rest, getting your application to the top of the pile? >> yeah. jamey, according to the national retail fed rag, retailers are going to bring on roughly 600,000 temp workers this season. there are a lot of opportunities out there and some have the numbers higher. but that also means there will be a lot of competition. first and foremost, make sure to go where you know. go to the stores or retail outlets you are familiar with because if they are familiar with you and you know their products or as much as really well, that will give you a leg up when you go in there. >> if you are a customer, why not and the manager? >> absolutely. >> what about other resources to find jobs in is it just retail we will see the jobs? >> the vast majority of those doing the hiring are definitely retail. but there are those services peripheral, like shipping,
11:24 am
distribution, call centers, and remember e customers is going to be up roughly 12% this season. you want to also look at online retalers who do call centers, shipping and delivery and distribution and customer service and billing. those are other opportunities out there, too. >> how important is it to be flexible, to maybe look outside your specialty, to overlook initially you won't make what you think you deserve but long-term it may pay off? >> yeah, temporary jobs could be a foot in the door for a full-time opportunity. keep in mind last year target retained 30% of those temp workers they brought on during the holiday season. you want to have your eye on the ball and think about the longer term opportunity, and the fact that getting the temp job will get you an insider. if you have the insider you have the leg up and know about who they are hiring, you get to make connect was people that work within that worse. >> a lot of people might pooh-pooh work in retail but you could rise through the ranks and
11:25 am
opportunities in any organization, management down the road? >> well, want to be smart and make sure if you get that foot in the door, and you have to look at it that way, because this economy is tough, make sure to impress the right people. do what you need to do to demonstrate your value to them and show them that, hey, you know what? there are a lot of different things i can do beyond just being out on the retail floor and doing my job, and also keep a running list of things that might need fixing, changes, alterations, and let them know about it and offer to be the one to do the solutions and fix those things for them. >> it sounds like you are saying show that you care, but also be flexible? >> you have to be really flexible. and jamey, it's not just flexible on the type of work you are going to do, but also you have to be flexible on time. because at then of the day, the biggest nightmare that managers have is scheduling people's time and working with different schedules. so if you show them, hey, i'm willing to work different hours, pick up different shifts, that again will make you more attractive to them. >> i love it. dr. michael woodward, this is
11:26 am
really useful information for the situation so many people are in. thanks very much for coming in. folks can check out the book, as well. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. for more on how you can take charge of a number of consumer issues, go to click on america's news headquarters. that's at the bottom of the main page and you will see a link when you go there to many of this program's take charge consumer protection segments. this is the only place to be for that information. >> always great advice. i guess the lesson is don't give up. >> and be willing to work week ends if you have to. >> hello! you know, many voters could be headed for a shock at the polls on election day. did you know that millions of people are considered inactive voters? could you be one of them? the fox news voter fraud unit will take a look at this coming up. >> and what will the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya mean in the upcoming election? fair and balanced debate on that next. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more
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>> fox news alert. up, up and away. we can't tell you why felix has decided to go 120,000 feet above new mexico today, but that balloon is going to take him up for what he hopes is a record-breaking sky dive. these are live pictures, everyone, as he makes his way up, up in the air. he wants to break the speed of sound. there's a close shot of him as he makes his way into the stratosphere. what w will he do then? he'll jump. it's expected to happen shortly. we're cuyahoga an eye o keeping.
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it should take under five minutes for him to get down to the ground. we're keeping an eye on felix and let you know how it goes. the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya is a big issue with just over three weeks to go until the election. here's vice-president biden during last week's vice-presidential debate answering questions on the security concerns there and whether the white house knew about it. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we didn't know they wanted more security. and by the way, at the time we were told exactly -- we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. that was the assessment, and as the intelligence community changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view. that's why i said we will get to the bottom of this. >> the white house then claire phying those remarks a bit, saying the vice-president was referring specifically to the white house and not the entire obama administration when he said they didn't know about those concerns. how will this continue to impact the race?
11:33 am
the white house political director under president george w. bush and a fox contributor and radio talk show host. welcome. good to see you both. >> hi. how are you? >> matt, let me start with you. the senate is now going to hold hearings just like the house did this past week which means this isn't going away any time soon. >> yeah. that's exactly right. i mean, we have a brewing scandal here because the administration and really the president had a totally inappropriate response to what happened in libya. they found some youtube video and tried to claim it was the reason for this attack. this dead ambassador was outside the gates of the consulate that evening. an hour later the attacks started. there were no protests on the street. this was a premeditated attack, and president obama needs to come clean with the american people. he made a mistake. his administration made a mistake. tell the american people why. politically he'll be in a better position if he were to do that. >> is the president, as matt
11:34 am
suggests, not coming clean about this? >> you know, i think there's shared responsibility here. the fact is congressman ryan even voted down specific requests to -- to get more security to the benghazi compound, and you know, i think that the president and the administration, i think that everybody made a big mistake by jumping ahead of the story, jumping ahead of the investigation in this highly partisan, highly politicized atmosphere. people wanted to know what happened. well, it takes for an investigation to transpire to find out what happened, and the fact is, you know, we have a nato-led invasion which we actually led, and which we deposd someone we didn't like, but someone we did know we had a solid working relationship with president, and we installed someone we don't know and clearly cannot trust, and we see the results now. >> you're saying paul ryan is to blame for what happened? >> no, no, no, no, no. not at all. what i'm saying is we have to have shared responsibility.
11:35 am
any time democrats and republicans are fighting at this time over something like this, when you've got four dead americans, i think it's shameful. >> it doesn't work that way. you can't have president obama taking sole credit for asaft nateing osama bin laden which was a clear achievement, which was a great thing for the national security of our country and turn around and act like he didn't have anything to do with this. this was not a funding issue. matter of fact, president obama's own state department official went to the house this week and said this has nod t nog to do with funding. blaming a vote by paul ryan or anyone else is simply inaccurate. i agree with you. we should be bi-partisan on the war on terror and the last thing he should do is throw this at hillary clinton's doorstep. if he does that, he'll lose his best surrogate, her husband. >> some of these decisions are made at lower levels. eric nordstrom testified about that, that the request for more security was denied on a state department level. >> he's the president. do we all recall that during the
11:36 am
bush administration we spent years talking about the words that the intelligence community came up with, whether or not there was nuclear capabilities in the world? i mean, we spent so much time talking about that, and the fact is that the president has to own up to what happened in his administration, and the fact that he's not is feeding into this question about whether or not he can provide the type of leadership this country needs in a second term. it shouldn't be politicized. he's the one who is politicizing it by his ridiculous answers to what happened in libya. >> santita, do you think that's true? >> no. i think both sides are politicizing this. it's a shame. you have families who want answer. had these been my brothers, i'd want answers. the fact is we've led an invasion that led a toxic atmosphere. we need to speak to that. democrats and republicans did not ask sufficient questions and look at where we are now. let's stop with this. i don't want to see the back and forth wheen the whit between the and the republicans and the state department. let's find out what happened so
11:37 am
these families can have some peace and we can all have some peace. we di cannot ask americans to se and put their lives on the line, have something like this happen, and then republicans and democrats are looking for blame when we need to share responsibility and get some answers. >> all right. there will be more questions and more answers. the senate hearings are set to start homeland security. this is not going away. thank you both this morning. >> thank you. god bless. taking a look beyond the news, liz trotta's sunday commentary now. >> a fascinating history of escaping blame, there is no equal in washington to hillary clinton. the tough and ready secretary of state enabled and shamelessly promoted by her husband president has made several careers out of flatout denials. she dodges bullets like rambo, and when the fight gets too tough? she can fade away like the invisible man. bill usually picks up the slack.
11:38 am
consider her past large endeavors. in 1993 head of an expensive master plan to reform health care and make it universal. republicans led by then house speaker newt gingrich shut it down. then the whitewater scandal and the mysterious tale of the missing billing records kept by the rose law firm where hillary had been a partner. federal subpoenas had been demanding them for two years. eventually they imaginely appeared on table in the white house living quarters. so in 1996 they became the first first lady to testify before a grand jury insisting she had no idea how they got there. no matter. with bill's help, she went on to win a seat in the u.s. senate. in 2008 as a presidential canada, the obama juggernaut was too much for hillary as she woefully mismanaged her campaign. again, no matter. the new president rewarded
11:39 am
hillary by appointing her secretary of state. in washington, you see, it's all about jobs, and obama needed bill clinton's support in and connections. over the past four years mrs. clinton has covered the globe, setting a record for most miles traveled by any secretary of state, but miles don't equal competence. a fact made nakedly clear at the u.s. consulate in benghazi last september 11th. because hillary still thinks it takes a village instead of automatic weapons, there were no marines deployed to either the embassy in tripoli or the ben benghazi consulate. in a spasm of foggy idealism, deep faith was entrusted in the unreliable local libya militias and a skeleton security staff. this in a country still immersed in the throes of revolution. it is no secret that the secretary of state, a former anti-war activist, is on record for her disparaging opinions of
11:40 am
military presence. the hearing held last wednesday by the house oversight committee sought to unravel what happened in benghazi from the testimony of bureaucrats that stayed in charge of such matters. they told of a series of appeals for more protection from their people in libya. sadly, even until the day he died at the hands of the terrorists, ambassador chris str protection. september 11th or not, all requests were denied. testimony from state and other agencies have made it clear that even though the state department, the intelligence agencies, and the white house knew within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack, someone, someone instructed un ambassador susan rice to repeatedly blame on nationally television an anti-muslim video. who told her to broadcast this fabrication? was it hillary or obama? or both? the word evolving as in the
11:41 am
facts are evolving is the word of choice for the administration's front men and women. hillary has virtually defaulted to her invisibility persona since the attack. she didn't appear at the hearing, but last friday addressing a think tank in washington, she called support for the muslim world's democratic transitions a strategic necessity. is that a hint? with the presidential election so near, it might be time for pulling the proverbial rabbit, or seal, out of the hat. various press reports speak of our intelligence experts studying the video tapes of the attack recorded by cameras in the compound. they want to identify the killers. then what? another seal raid just before the election? that would take the heat off everybody, especially hillary. on election day, you know, millions of americans could show up at the polls and get a shock
11:42 am
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to the fox news voter fraud unit now. millions who show up to vote could be told they are inactive. by law, they're classified as an inactive voter by not voting in two consecutive federal elections or returning postcards verifying your address. take a look at the numbers. they're staggering. nearly 21 million americans are inactive voters. california has the most, more than six million, more than a third of all the voters in that state. texas has two million. florida, new york, and illinois, also over a million. they can still vote, but they have to confirm their information and even register again in some cases. critics blast the inactive list as purging voters. >> what we've seen in the last
11:47 am
two years, especially, is a proliferation of efforts by a select number of states to make voting more difficult for voters, and this could be startling to many. >> and some worry that so many names of people who just won't vote can lead to voter fraud. we've seen the names abused that way before. what do we do about inactive voters? secretary of state tom shedler is the secretary of state of louisiana and joins us now from baton rouge. mr. secretary of state, welcome. thanks for joining us this morning. >> great to be with you. >> they say that you guys in the election officials are dumping people off the list, throwing them overboard, pushing them onto that inactive list, the so-called vote purging. what is your response to this? >> well, my response is this. the word purging connotates something sinister. it's not in the federal or state law, and i would suggest to those critics to read the actual federal law. this is a process that is very simple and it's just a simple procedure in this regard. registered voters in each state
11:48 am
are required annually to ascertain if an individual still lives in the location in which they're registered. we used postal address change or records and other documents, motor vehicle records, and we verify roughly at least in louisiana 95% of the 2.9 million voters are determined to be exactly where they're supposed to be. for those 5% typically on an average here in louisiana, we send in postcards and other methodologies to ascertain are you still at the precinct and address at which you're registered? when the card is returned or you do not reply, you are then put into an inactive voting list. i think the thing that everyone has to remember. these individuals who are not voting in any election, they're not exercising their right, so the bottom line is you get into an inactive voting status. you can come in to the register as a voter at any time and recertify your address or indicate where you moved if it's still in state, or you can just
11:49 am
merely go to vote in the precinct in which you are registered and they'll reverify you. >> sorry to interrupt. we're running out of time. whawhat would happen if you didt have the list? >> well, if you didn't have the list, you would have individuals, you know, basically a list of file maintenance, so to speak. why would we want to have someone who is not instate or not in the precinct to vote on their reception or tax renewals or any new tax if they don't live there any more? it's kind of a ridiculous argument, and again, i come back to individuals who have not voted in two consecutive federal elections after you've been on the list, and that's important to indicate. you haven't voted in almost half a decade and almost the mail is being returned or any attempt is being ignored. so i don't understand what the big argument is over this. we're just doing our job, and every secretary of state in the country has to do it. they have to follow federal and state law. >> the way to get off that list,
11:50 am
vote. >> just go vote. >> all right. secretary of state tom schedler, thank you so much. here's their address, by the way. we'll be right back. th stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. behr ultra. now with advanced stain blocking, only at the home depot, and only $31.98 a gallon. oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race.
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>> a new center is opening and the research is does could save
11:54 am
lives. the pen vet working dog center in phil wher philadelphia wherel train and breed dogs to protect us all. here's the details from new york. hi, anna. >> hey there, jamie. on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, researchers dedicated the first class of puppies in philadelphia to the day of the tragedy. the seven include la labradors,a golden retriever, and a dutch shepherd all named after search and rescue dogs used at ground zero. the dogs began training earlier than most programs, at about eight weeks before fear or bad habits develop. each dog is at least a $20,000 investment. canines are used in the military and law enforcement for therapy during patrols and to detect bombs or sniff out ieds. >> there's a shocialg o shortage dogs in this country. unfortunately we rely a lot on europe for sources of these dogs. we believe that these dogs can
11:55 am
come from the united states and should come from the united states, and we have the knowledge and the tools to really help people in this country produce the best dogs possible for this important work. >> reporter: alalready 300 peope have volunteer and 70 foster families have applies to socialize the puppies in their homes. after a year, the dogs will live with their handlers. >> we get home in the evening, she gets dinner, and then she usually plays on the internet with me, and then we watch the yankee game or whatever is going on, and then on the weekend she gets to play with our other two dogs. >> the american kennel club is funding a dna bank for detection dogs and it's already understood that certain breeds and temperaments are good for specific jobs like hunting or protection, but this dna bank will shine light on the genetics behind it and jamie, the dogs will be better bred after using that information. >> they are the best, those breeds. shout out to spencer. that's my favorite lab. thanks so much, anna.
11:56 am
he's watching. trust me. eric? >> eric: let's look live at fearless felix. he's on his way up. this guy is going up 23 miles to the edge of space and he will do something many people have never imagined. the highest free fall in history from 23 miles up, 120,000 feet. we'll have more on that straight ahead. go! here it comes! right in the numbers. boom! get it! spin! oh nice hands! now this is my favorite play! oh! [ male announcer ] share what you love, with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat!
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